Top 5 Breastfeeding Myths

Other than "pain is a natural part of it" As with every other aspect of pregnancy, birth and parenting, or culture is steeped in all kinds of old wives tales and misinformation about breastfeeding. Sometimes it comes from a well meaning relative, a friend, or maybe it was just “something I read somewhere”. For example, … Continue reading Top 5 Breastfeeding Myths

Top 5 Painful Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding comes with a lot of different challenges that each mom and baby pair will navigate together. For some, achieving a proper latch can take weeks of practice. For others, milk production and transfer can require some extra help. While challenges in breastfeeding are totally normal and to be expected, one thing breastfeeding should NOT … Continue reading Top 5 Painful Breastfeeding Challenges

Real Life Guide to Newborn Care

The day has finally come! Your partner pulls the car around to the hospital doors, and you nervously load your newborns car seat into the back. Or maybe you're settling into your own cozy bed with your newborn after delivering at home! The midwives are packing up to leave and you still have so many … Continue reading Real Life Guide to Newborn Care

The Mess that Tried to Kill me

A short personal account of facing postpartum mood disorders. Before my first child was born, I had all kinds of dreams and expectations of what motherhood would be like. Like many others, I imagined days of pure joy and fulfillment following the birth of our beautiful baby girl. My husband and I talked often about … Continue reading The Mess that Tried to Kill me

Top 5 Decisions to make before your birth

When I became pregnant with my first, my idea of a typical birth experience was you go to the hospital, lay in a bed hooked up to an IV and an epidural, until the Dr and nurses "deliver" your baby. Basically, I thought it was pretty simple; how many decisions could I really have to … Continue reading Top 5 Decisions to make before your birth

Be the Village by Asking the Right Questions

In all the excitement around the birth of a new baby, often we forget that mom is a real person, with real feelings, who has just experienced one of the most life altering events of her lifetime. We'll chat for days about all the lovely baby related things, however, rarely do we consider what her … Continue reading Be the Village by Asking the Right Questions