Postpartum Support

Here is a summary of my available postpartum support packages. If there is anything you do not see within a package that you feel you would like as part of your experience, I would love to hear about it and work to include it for you.

My goal is to make maternal support as accessible as possible. Installment options are available to those who need them.

Settled In Package


  • Free consult
  • 1 Prenatal Planning Session (90 minutes)
  • Custom Postpartum Care Plan
  • 24 Postpartum Support Hours. Can be divided into 3 – 4 hour shifts on chosen days.
Extra Hand Package


  • Free Consult
  • 1 Prenatal Planning Session (90 minutes)
  • Optional Prenatal Support Shift (2 hours)
  • Custom Postpartum Care Plan
  • 56 Postpartum Support Hours. Can be broken up into 3 – 4 hour shifts on chosen days.
  • Newborn Care Workshop
On Call Support

Starting at $60 (2 hour shift)

Whether you need a quick check in or a couple days of respite, book your 1 (or two or three or four) time support shift!

Please reach out for more info and available dates!

Digital Resources

FREE With every Package

  • Postpartum Planning Guide and Planner
  • Breastfeeding Manual
  • Breastfeeding Basics Handout
  • Birth Story Template
  • Postpartum Mood Disorder Handout
  • Newborn Hunger Cues Handout
  • All babies Cry Handout
  • Newborn Output Reference Guide
  • Helpful Hints for Newborns Handout

Supplementary Services

  • Private Labour Prep Workshop* : $35
  • Prenatal Support Shifts (2 hrs): $30
  • Postpartum Care Hours : $35/hr
  • Postpartum Planning session (includes custom plan) : $25

*NOT a full childbirth education class. This workshop is designed to help you and your partner bring mindfulness into the birth space, learn about and practice comfort techniques for labour.

Schedule a no obligation consult and let me know how I can be a part of your village and help you achieve your ideal pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey!