Here is a list of questions I get asked the most often and their answers! Feel free to contact me if you are left with any questions that have been unanswered! 

Does a Doula Replace a Midwife or OB?

Absolutely NOT! While a Doula is a professional and has basic knowledge and training in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum space, we are NOT medical Drs and are NOT trained or allowed to perform any medical diagnostics, checks or procedures, including but not limited to delivering a baby. A Doula is a great asset to have IN ADDITION to a Midwife or OB.

When should I hire a Doula? 

You can hire a Doula at any point in your fertility, pregnancy or postpartum journey. 0-40 weeks and even post dates (overdue)

Will a Doula support me if I want a medicated, hospital birth?

Absolutely! While each Doula is different, I speak for myself when I say that no matter what your ideal birth experience is, a Doula is trained and meant to love, encourage, help and support you through it. Weather you want a medicated hospital birth or a medication free home birth, a Doula can support you and help you achieve the most positive birth experience either way.

Can I have a Doula if I have given birth before?

YES!! A Doula can support birthers who are having their first, second, fourth, sixth or any subsequent babies! If you want support, I can help you! 

Am I able to choose how much or how little support my Doula provides?

You sure can! Whether you want all inclusive, hands on care from 5 weeks to 6 months postpartum, just an extra support person from 38 weeks to an hour after birth or anything in between, most Doulas have “package” options to suit every type of client! See here if one of my package options is right for you!

What if I can’t afford the service fees all at once?

Being that Doulas are trained professionals providing a valuable service to you and your family, service fees reflect the time, effort and overall value of the use of their training. I believe that Doula services should be a viable and accessible care option for anyone who thinks they would benefit from them. Should you be unable to afford the fee for your service package of choice, consider asking about a payment arrangement or offering an exchange of equal value services.

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