Client Praises

Elizabeth And Joel

*Photo shared with permission*

“She was a huge support to my husband. I labour pretty independently, but she was invaluable to him in supporting me. It was great having Rebekkah there. She was a huge support and help. I would definitely have her back for future births.”

“She was great with our daughter, allowing me to support my wife. She also gave great suggestions about when to move positions during labour”


“I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl. Had been almost 10yrs since my first pregnancy.  I was having cramping after my sweeps and Rebekkah helped me with words of wisdom and support. She helped me keep a peaceful mind set and helped my husband keep a peaceful mindset as well. When we were in the hospital, she helped me understand stuff. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through it all without her help and my husband! I’m so blessed to have had two AMAZING people at my side!!”


“My birth plan was to try and be as natural as possible, while maintaining safety of the baby and myself. Rebekkah helped me come in with the mindset that although we had this birth plan, we were also ready for it to change if either my baby or myself needed intervention.

During labour in the hospital Rebekkah was a rock for my husband and I to lean on. She advocated for my wishes, like using the tub or having no conversations during a contraction, and even though it was hard, she also encouraged me to walk. Rebekkah used all of her resources, including a Tens Machine, to help manage my pain and my focus over those long hours.

*photo shared with permission*

When the plan inevitably needed to change due to some concerns with how long my dilation was taking and with the baby’s heartbeat, Rebekkah was there with the information I needed in order to agree to a c-section. Because she was calm, I was calm in making the best choices for my baby.

After the surgery Rebekkah was there, and helped me with some breastfeeding tips before heading back to her own family. A few days later she came for the post natal visit and got to hold our sweet baby Clara, and she also checked in on how I was doing in all areas. Rebekkah’s compassion for me and the situation that surrounded the birth was so needed and so well received from Joe and myself. Rebekkah continued to text and check in with me in the following weeks, which is above and beyond what I expected.

Rebekkah Traptow is now a permanent part of the village that helps to raise my child, and will be a part of my future births as well. Rebekkah is excited, compassionate, and knowledgeable about everything to do with babies and their mamas. She has chosen a noble profession and performs her work with pure joy. I am honored that Rebekkah walked alongside my husband and I through this crazy journey called pregnancy, and we look forward to walking with her again in the future.”


“Her knowledge and help while looking for information regarding the stages of labour and what to expect was so helpful. Also, with providing options for pain and coping during labour as I was hoping for an unmedicated birth. Also, her help dealing with emotions while experiencing pain. Her company was highly valuable during labour and birth.

It was great to have her by my side during pregnancy and during labour. It was very good to have someone to talk to about questions and fears before labour begins. She was excellent at listening before giving an answer to my questions. She is very attentive and caring.”


“I had Rebekkah as my Doula and she was amazing! She was very attentive to what I needed during labour and delivery. And was very informative and quick to respond when I had questions throughout pregnancy! She genuinely cares about people and is a positive presence to have!”