My mission at Love First Maternal Support is to enable women and their partners to be joyful and satisfied with their journeys by being a part of the all important “village”, loving, encouraging and helping them at every stage!

The way I approach maternal care is with a “love first” mindset. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your age, nationality, beliefs or background is; I love and support you first.

“Love is like a placenta; it nourishes everything it’s connected to” -Rebekkah Traptow

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3 Pillars of Doula Support

What Does a Doula do for you?

Informational Support – Avoid Google. Ask your Doula.

I can help keep you and your partner informed through each milestone of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. I can also help you find evidence based information about different options in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. A Doula is an unbiased resource. NEVER a source.

Emotional Support – Your emotions and fears deserve attention.

A Doula is a continuous comforting presence offering reassurance and encouragement, showing a caring and empathetic attitude and helping you and your partner work through fears and self doubt about pregnancy and birth. Debriefing after birth is another way a Doula can support you emotionally.

Physical Support – Facilitating the birth of your dreams.

A short list of ways a Doula can support you physically is as follows:

  • Massage/counter pressure
  • Position changes and suggestions for optimal labour progression
  • Assisting with a TENS machine
  • Create a calming environment (lights, curtains, etc)
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Water therapy (bath, shower)
  • Hydrating and feeding birther
  • Hands on infant feeding support

Whatever you need to feel physically comfortable and supported in birth, a Doula can assist you with!

NOT within my scope

It is not within my scope to give medical advice. I only present the evidence based facts and facilitate discussion so that you can advocate and make medical decisions for yourself. I do not drive clients or their baby(ies) in my car UNLESS it is an emergency. I do not and am not qualified to perform any medical procedures including, but not limited to cervical checks, blood pressure checks, fetal heart rate monitoring, delivering/catching the baby etc. I am NOT and do NOT replace a Health Care Provider such as a Midwife or OB. I do not under any circumstances attend “free (unassisted)” births. I adhere carefully to the parameters of my scope for the safety and security of myself, you, your partner and your baby(ies).

Learn More about me and my training HERE!

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